1.Why does the student go to see the librarian?

A. To sign up for a seminar on using electronic sources for research

B. To report that a journal is missing from the reference area

C. To find out the procedure for checking out journal articles

D. To ask about how to look for resources for a class paper


2.What does the librarian say about the availability of journals and articles in the library?

A. They are not easy to find if a professor put them on reserve.

B. Most of them are accessible in an electronic format.

C. Most of them can be checked out for three weeks.

D. Printed versions from the past three years are located in the reference section.


3.What does the librarian suggest the student should do to save time?

A. Choose an easier research topic

B. Concentrate on five journals

C. Read the summaries of the articles first

D. Install a new program on her home computer


4.What can be inferred about why the woman decides to use the computer in the library?

A. She thinks she might need additional help from the man.

B. She does not have a computer at home.

C. She has to hand in her assignment by the end of the day.

D. She will be meeting a friend in the library later on.


5.Why does the woman say this?

A. She had forgotten about the information

B. She is surprised she was not aware of the information

C. She is annoyed that the information was published only recently

D. She is concerned that the librarian gave her incorrect information


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