TPO68L3 Range Creek Canyon (Archaeology)



1 What does the professor mainly discuss? 

A An archaeology project in which the students will participate 

B The influence of the Fremont culture on Native American architecture 

C A group of mostly undisturbed archaeological sites in Utah 

D A significant historical event that occurred around 1300 A.D.


2 What is the professor explaining when she mentions the number and condition of archaeological sites in Range Creek Canyon?

A Why the possibilities for archaeological research in Range Creek Canyon are exceptionally rich 

B Why most serious archaeologists have little interest in working in Range Creek Canyon 

C Why archaeology students are urgently needed to work on the Range Creek Canyon project

D Why the government became interested in purchasing Range Creek Canyon


3 Why does the professor say that the students have learned a great deal about archaeology?

A To acknowledge that they have probably heard about the Range Creek Canyon sites already 

B To indicate that she would not object to them visiting the Range Creek Canyon sites 

C To urge them to apply for research positions at Range Creek Canyon

D To encourage them to read reports about the research at Range Creek Canyon


4 When did public access to the archaeological sites in the Range Creek Canyon area greatly increase?

A Immediately after the Range Creek Canyon sites were discovered 

B After most of the Range Creek Canyon sites had been excavated 

C After the government sold the land to a construction company

D After the land was sold to the government


5 What is the professor’s opinion about excavation of the Range Creek Canyon sites?

A Researchers must use the latest technology to begin excavating all the sites as soon as possible

B Excavation at all sites needs to be completed within the next 30 years 

C Heavy equipment should be used to speed the excavation of selected sites.

D Nearly all of the sites should be left undisturbed until technology improves.


6 According to the professor, what are two mysteries related to the Fremont people?

Click on 2 answers.

A Where they came from

B Why they built structures in unusual locations

C Why they chose to settle in Range Creek Canyon

D Why their society suddenly experienced major change

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