TPO68L2 Conditions on Primitive Earth (Geology)



1 What is the Iecture mainly about?

A How researchers determine the rate at which Earth cooled 

B How climate change affected early life on Earth 

C Evidence that challenges a belief about the early conditions on Earth

D Conflicting scientific hypotheses about the age of Earth


2 Prior to the 1980s researchers believed that Earth’s climate was extremely hot during its first 500 million years. What led researchers to this belief?

A No undamaged rocks from that period had been found. 

B Organisms from that period indicate that they survived extreme conditions 

C Every mountain from that period had experienced intense volcanic activity.

D Zircon crystals from that period contain evidence of hot conditions


3 According to the professor, what is true about the mineral zircon?

Pick all correct answers.

A It is very durable.

B It can form around other substances.

C Most of it was destroyed during Earth’s first 500 million years.

D It requires extremely high temperatures to form


4 The professor mentions research done in Australia in the 1980s. What is the professor’s opinion of the result of that research?

A It was disappointing, because a new technology provided unreliable data 

B It was unexpected, because it disproved the most accepted theory

C It was misleading, because it reinforced an incorrect theory

D It was useful, because it led researchers to question a theory


5 Why does the professor say this:

A To express his surprise at an error made by researchers 

B To stress the significance of the facts he is relating 

C To remind the students about something he already taught

D To acknowledge that his opinion differs from that of most researchers


6 What can be concluded from the information obtained from the improved ion microprobe?

A Earth‘s climate began to cool down earlier than previously believed. 

B Life appeared on Earth later than previously believed. 

C Some water present on early Earth was frozen.

D Zircon was the most common mineral present on early Earth.

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