1 What is the conversation mainly about?

A A common writing mistake made by college students 

B Differences between science papers and non-science papers 

C A problem with the ending of the man’s paper

D A grading error made by the professor


2 What was missing from the student’s paper?

Click on 2 answers.

A An example to support the main idea

B A list that shows sources of information

C The Introduction of a new theory of migration 

D A paragraph that summarizes the paper


3 What mistaken assumption did the student make?

A That the paper he submitted would be regarded as a first draft 

B That the university offers a special writing class for science students 

C That listing every source for a paper is optional

D That the university has a standard writing style for all classes


4 What does the professor imply she might do about the student’s paper?

A Help the student rewrite the conclusion 

B Show it to the writing class professor

C Consider changing the grade

D Allow the student to change the topic


5 What does the professor imply when she says this:

A The student should write another paper on butterfly migration.

B The student should do more research for his paper. 

C The student included unnecessary information in his papers

D The student must give the professor another copy of his paper

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