1 What problem does the student have? 

A He is unsure about the material he needs to study for an exam

B He missed the deadline for submitting a paper 

C He does not know when the exam period starts

D He needs to reschedule an exam


2 What reason does the student give for missing an appointment with his professor?

A His alarm clock did not work properly 

B He was confused about the time of the appointment 

C He fell iII when he woke up that day

D He had an exam in another class


3 Why does me woman mention the dean?

A To indicate that the dean will probably accept the student’s excuse 

B To point out that the professor is not able to extend the exam period 

C To explain that extensions are not granted under any circumstances

D To indicate that the student needs to report to the dean


4 Why do the speakers think that the professor might be able to help the student?

Click on 2 answers

A The exam period has not ended 

B The professor may excuse me student from taking the exam 

C The professor may grant an extension of the exam 

D The oral exam takes only half an hour


5 What does the woman imply when he says this:

A The professor usually breaks for lunch during exams 

B The students enjoy eating lunch with the professor 

C The professor will get tired unless she takes a break

D The exams will end early in the afternoon

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