1. Why does the man go to the financial services office? 

A. He needs to apply for a loan.

B. He needs to set up a tuition payment plan.

C. He wants some assistance finding a job

D. He wants some assistance with controlling his spending


2. What does the man imply about his parents?

A. They are worried about his financial situation.

B. They are not willing to increase his allowance

C. They do not want him to get a job

D. They are unhappy that he did not tell them about his problem


3. Why does the woman mention the cost of a cup of coffee? 

A. To emphasize why the man should make his own coffee 

B. To give an example of a price that will change over time 

C. To point out the impact of small expenses on a budget

D. To describe one way she reduced her own food expenses


4. What advice does the woman give the man? 

Click on 2 answers

A. To reduce his course load this semester

B. To pay more attention to his spending habits 

C. To postpone looking for a job

D. To start taking public transportation


5. Why does the woman say this:

A. To let the man know she is annoyed with his questions

B. To emphasize the need to apply for a job early in the semester

C. To encourage the man to keep checking the bulletin board

D. To suggest it may not be possible to work on campus next semester


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