1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. To request a suggestion for the topic of his first paper

B. To ask a question about the history of drama

C. To complain that a course is not meeting his expectations

D. To drop out of a course the professor is teaching


2. What is a view expressed by the student about early and mid-twentieth-century playwrights?

A. Their works were quite conventional.

B. Their plays are often very similar to one another.

C. They had a negative influence on contemporary writers

D. Their works have become outdated


3.Why does the professor mention Mamet’s play The Cryptogram?

A. To show that Mamet’ s language and rhythm are original and unique

B. To give an example of earlier playwrights’ influence on Mamet

C. To illustrate the difference between modern and contemporary plays

D. To argue that Mamet’s plays are not typically modern


4. What is the professor’s suggestion for the student’ s first paper?

A. An essay comparing two plays by Chekhov

B. A paper on plays written by playwrights from different time periods

C. An essay focusing on the characteristics of contemporary drama

D. A paper on The Cryptogram and its influence on contemporary playwrights


5. Why does the professor say this :

A. To correct a mistake in the course syllabus

B. To assure the student that the class will discuss the plays he likes

C. To reject the student’ s objection concerning the reading assignments 

D. To indicate that she understands why the student is confused


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