TPO65C1 Phone Bill



1.Why does the student go to the housing office?

A. To request a telephone for her dormitory room

B. To turn in the key to her dormitory room

C. To ask about an unexpected bill she received

D. To request an explanation about a bill she had already paid


2.What mistake did the student make?

A. She forgot to pay her housing fee.

B. She did not cancel her telephone service.

C. She failed to clean out her dormitory room.

D. She forgot to return her dormitory key to the housing office


3.What does the man imply about the student with regard to her contract for telephone service?

A. The student needs to show him the contract

B. The student failed to pick up a copy of the contract from the housing office.

C. The student forgot  to sign a copy of the contract.

D. The student did not read the contract carefully.


4. What does the man imply about the telephone bill?

A. It might have been sent to the student by mistake.

B. It may be larger than the student expects.

C. The student may need to pay it.

D. The student should send it back to the telephone company.


5. Why does the student say this:

A. To correct a misunderstanding.

B. To apologize for interrupting the man.

C. To thank the man for the information he has provided.

D. To show her surprise at what the man just said.


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