TPO64C2 An Unusual Piece to Display



1. Why does the student go to see the art gallery coordinator? 

A. To borrow some equipment for a show

B. To find out when a student art exhibition will open

C. To discuss the theme of a senior art exhibition

D. To arrange a suitable location for a work of art


2. What has the student created for her senior art project? Click on 2 answers

A. An oil painting

B. A picture frame

C. A software program 

D. Abstract images


3. What does the student imply about the use of a projector? 

A. It is necessary to achieve a particular visual illusion.

B. it may interfere with visitors’ ability to see other artworks.

C. The projector will need to be hidden from view

D. The projector has to be attached to the wall at a particular height.


4. How does the man intend to respond to the students worries about lighting? 

A. By lowering the lights in the whole gallery

B. By adding lights over the students work

C. By turning spotlights in a different direction

D. By putting stronger lightbulb in a projector


5. Why does the man say this:

A. To find out if the student needs assistance

B. To express doubt about the projects practicality 

C. To return the discussion to the original topic

D. To suggest a solution to the students’ problem


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