TPO64C1-Grand Narrative



1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. A paper the woman is writing about a philosopher

B. A disagreement between two philosophers about a term 

C. The interpretation of a term used in a philosopher’s work

D. The professor’s opinion about a philosopher


2. Why does the professor ask the woman about the early Middle Ages? 

A. To elicit an example of a grand narrative

B. To make a point about changes in technology

C. To encourage her to compare two grand narratives

D. To present an example that contradicts Lyotard’s ideas


3.What point does the professor make about scientific progress? Click on 2 answers.

A. Historically, people have believed that it improves the world. 

B. According to Lyotard, it has caused more harm than good

C. It is part of a grand narrative that has changed over time 

D. According to Lyotard it’s benefits should be questioned


4. Why does the woman mention pollution?

A. To demonstrate the problem with Lyotard’s claim

B. To ask how important it is in Lyotard’s argument 

C. To illustrate the negative effects of technology

D. To introduce another grand narrative


5. What does the professor mean when he says this: 

A. He is going to change the topic of the conversation

B. He is going to challenge the woman’s belief. 

C. He wants to clarify the time period in question.

D. He wants to correct a statement he made earlier.


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