TPO68L1 Art of Dorset and Thule Culture (Art)



1 What is the main purpose of the lecture? 

A To examine the extent to which Thule and Dorset art influenced the artwork of other arctic cultures

B To examine how Thule and Dorset designs changed over time 

C To compare and contrast artwork from two ancient arctic cultures

D To discuss how the natural world is shown in the artwork of two ancient arctic cultures


2 What does the professor imply about ‘flying’ or ‘floating’ polar-bear sculptures?

Click on 2 answers.

A They may have helped the Dorset people cope with their fear of a dangerous animal

B Art historians consider them to be of little religious importance to the Dorset people

C The Dorset people created them to demonstrate respect for polar bears

D They were designed to take advantage of the natural shape of the ivory


3 According to the professor, what can be inferred about Dorset society based on its artwork?

A It placed more emphasis on religious beliefs than Thule society did

B lt relied on hunting large animals to a greater extent than Thule society did 

C lt placed an emphasis on the production of jewelry

D It was structured to support long ocean expeditions


4 According to the professor, what appears lo be the main reason that the Thule engraved holes and lines into their artifacts? 

A To honor their Alaskan ancestors 

B To illustrate the layout of their campgrounds 

C To add realism to their sculptures

D To add decoration to their sculptures


5 Why does the professor mention Thule group-hunting expeditions? 

A To explain why the Thule had plenty of time to produce detailed artwork

B To draw a connection between cooperation in finding food and uniformity in art

C To compare Thule hunting practice with Dorset hunting practices

D To suggest that the majority of Thule sculptures were probably lost at sea


6. Why does the professor say this

A To suggest that the students interview descendants of Dorset people

B To propose a topic that the students could write about . 

C To ask students who they think the faces represent

D To indicate that there is still a lot of missing information


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