ZT-Sociology: Tech Determinism

1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

  • A. To propose arguments for and against a theory of social change
  • B. To show how social change has affected trends in European painting 
  • C. To discuss a theory about the relationship between art and social change
  • D. To show how theories regarding the causes of technological innovations have developed over time

2. Why does the professor mention the scientific revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?

  • A. To point out the rapid development of technology in Europe during that time period
  • B. To suggest that today’s modern technology is a result of the scientific discoveries of that time period
  • C. To give an example of the delayed impact that a new technology can have
  • D. To point out a significant reason for increased literacy

3. Why does the professor point out that painters in ancient Greece did not use the technique of perspective in their paintings?

  • A. To emphasize that technological determinism can explain social change in ancient as well as modern times
  • B. To show that the presence of a technology does not automatically lead to that technology’s use
  • C. To remind students of when the technique of perspective was first used by artists 
  • D. To make the students aware that the term “technology” can have different meanings

4. Why does the professor show the class the painting Ball at the Moulin de la Galette?

  • A. To support the argument that society was prepared for the introduction of photography
  • B. To support the idea that artists often reject new technology 
  • C. To emphasize why many artists were looking for a new artistic medium
  • D. To explain how inventors from different countries shared the knowledge that led to the first use of photography

5. What characteristic of the painting Ball at the Moulin de la Galette does the professor emphasize?

  • A. Its unusual use of perspective
  • B. Its vibrant colors
  • C. How similar it is to the paintings of mythological scenes
  • D. How natural and unplanned it seems

6. What is the professor’s opinion of the theory of technological determinism?

  • A. It ignores the positive societal changes that accompany new technology.
  • B. It is not applicable to the technological advances of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
  • C. It does not acknowledge society’s role in the development and acceptance of new technologies
  • D. It assumes that technological advances are the only causes of societal change.



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