ZT-Academic topic: Alchemy

1. Why does the man go to see the professor?

  • A. To explain an answer he gave on a recent exam.
  • B. To discuss a paper he is preparing to write.
  • C. To ask about a theory the professor mentioned in class.
  • D. To discuss recent events in Europe.

2. What can be inferred about the phlogiston theory?

  • A. It did not originate in Europe.
  • B. It was the first theory proposed by modern chemists.
  • C. It was based on data collected over a long period of time.
  • D. It was widely accepted in Europe at one time.

3. According to the professor, what questions about fire did the phlogiston theory try to answer?

  • A. Why fires radiate heat and light.
  • B. Why fires cannot survive in an enclosed space.
  • C. Why substances lose mass when they burn.
  • D. Why some substances burn faster than others.

4. What does the professor suggest the man include in his paper?

  • A. A comparison of the alchemy practiced in different regions of the world.
  • B. A biography of the scientist who first proposed the phlogiston theory.
  • C. A discussion of various developments in eighteenth-century European history.
  • D. Details about the applications of the phlogiston theory.

5. What does the professor imply when she says this: 🎧

  • A. She thinks the man is an excellent writer.
  • B. She thinks the man’s topic maybe too limited.
  • C. She wants to know if the man has taken a writing course.
  • D. She thinks the man wants to include too much information in his paper.



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