ZTSet5C2-Campus life: Tickets for the play

Tickets for the play

1. Why does the student go to the theater?

  • A. To buy season tickets
  • B. To buy tickets for a performance of Hamlet
  • C. To find out which plays she might be able to take her parents to see 
  • D. To ask it discounts are available for ticket packages 

2. What benefits of buying season tickets does the man mention?

  • A. A price discount on every show
  • B. Seats with the best view of the stage 
  • C. An opportunity to the actors after the performance
  • D. A discount on refreshments purchased at the theater
  • E. A chance to buy extra tickets before they are on sale to the public 

3. What does the man imply about the play Hamlet?

  • A. It will be performed on weekends only
  • B. It has never been performed at the theater before
  • C. Tickets for it are more expensive than tickets for other plays 
  • D. Tickets to see it are likely to sell out quickly 

4. What information does the man say is included on the flier?

  • A. Rates for various ticket purchasing options
  • B. A seating chart for the theater 
  • C. Names of professors who will give performance talks 
  • D. Performance times for the shows 

5. What can be inferred about the student when she says this: 🎧

  • A. She realizes that most seats have already been reserved 
  • B. She is not concerned about sitting apart from her parents 
  • C. She will let her parents have the better seats 
  • D. She is ready to purchase season tickets 


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