ZTSet1C1: The Persians


1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

  • A. To ask questions about a recent lecture
  • B. To get advice on a paper he is writing
  • C. To tell the professor that he will not participate in an upcoming class activity
  • D. To find out whether he can get a discount on tickets for a play he is planning to attend

2. According to the professor, what is special about the play The Persians?

  • A. It is the primary source of information about the linguistic features of ancient Greek.
  • B. It was recently rediscovered after having been lost for many years.
  • C. It is the earliest Greek tragedy still in existence today.
  • D. It mentions events that were taking place at the time it was written.

3. Why does the professor mention the class syllabus?

  • A. To remind the student of a due date he had forgotten
  • B. To remind the student of one of the class requirements
  • C. To point out that some of the assignments are optional
  • D. To let the student know that she has some extra copies

4. According to the professor, what will make it easier for the student to understand the performance?

  • A. The class will study the play before seeing the performance.
  • B. The class will learn some phrases in ancient Greek.
  • C. The students will discuss the play with the actors after the performance.
  • D. The theater will provide the audience with an English translation of the play.

5. What can be inferred about the student when he says this: 🎧

  • A. He has taken a course in Russian history.
  • B. He learned some Russian words when he was a child.
  • C. He might enjoy seeing The Persians even though it will be in ancient Greek.
  • D. He does not understand why history students are required to see The Persians.

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