ZTSet3L3-Biology: Mutualism


1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A A dependent relationship between a plant and an insect species
  • B How the relationship between the yucca plant and yucca moth is changing
  • C A type of mutualistic relationship involving more than two species
  • D Harmful relationship between various types of organisms 

2. Why does the professor mention the wolf and rabbit, and the com root worm and com plant?

  • A To show how interactions between animals are different from those between an animal and a plant
  • B To provide examples of relationship that exhibit negative interactions
  • C To indicate which organism she is studying in her research project
  • D To give examples of surprising mutualistic relationships

3. Why does the professor mention the yucca moth’s mouthparts?

  • A To indicate that they are potentially harmful to the yucca plant
  • B To point out that the mouthparts are similar to those of bees
  • C To explain why only yucca moths can pollinate the yucca plant
  • D To explain the difference between the mouthparts of male and female yucca moths

4. According to the discussion, what will happen if the yucca moth larvae do not get the yucca plant seeds as a source of food?

  • A They will eat other yucca moth larvae.
  • B They will starve.
  • C The mother moth will move them to another flower that has seeds.
  • D They will survive by eating other parts of yucca plant such as flowers and leaves.

5. What do yucca moths do to increase the chance that they will produce more offspring?

  • A They lay a large number of eggs underneath a small number of yucca plant flowers.
  • B They lay many eggs on many different parts of the yucca plant.
  • C They lay many eggs on a wide variety of plant species.
  • D They lay a small number of eggs on many yucca plant flowers

6. Listen again to part of the lecture. Then answer the question. Why does the student say this:

  • A He did not have time to read the entire assignment.
  • B He is confused about an aspect of the professor’s example.
  • C He realizes that he did not hear what the professor just said.
  • D He has misplaced his ecology textbook.

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