ZTSet2L2-Biology: Breath collectors

Breath collectors

1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A. A method that is used to determine an animal’s diet
  • B. How scientists determine where migratory birds stop to feed
  • C. Two different forms of carbon that can be found in animals
  • D. How migratory birds find different types of food at stopover sites

2. How did researchers find out what a bird ate at different times during migration?

  • A. By taking samples of the bird’s breath at different places on the migration route
  • B. By taking the bird wear a device that records what it eats during its journey
  • C. By taking samples of the bird’s breath and several of its body tissues
  • D. By observing bird feeders along the migration route

3. According to the professor, what are two possible reasons that white-throated sparrows eat corn on Block Island?

  • A. The birds normally eat corn throughout the year.
  • B. The berries that they usually eat are not available.
  • C. The corn provides good nutrition for long flights.
  • D. The birds can easily locate corn growing on farms.

4. According to the professor, what might be the practical application of studying the diet of white- throated sparrows?

  • A. It will help Block Island farmers prefect their crops.
  • B. New methods of determining changes in diet can be developed.
  • C. Feeding white-throated sparrows will prevent them from migrating in the winter.
  • D. Migrating white-throated sparrows will be provided with the most appropriate diet.

5. What do biologists hope to find out by using breath collectors on bears?

  • A. Whether the diet of bears changes when they are nursing
  • B. How the amount of meat in the diet of bears affects their health
  • C. How the bears’ ability to nurse their young varies
  • D. Whether the diet of bears affects the carbon signature in their blood

6. Why does the professor say this: 🎧

  • A. To indicate that he would enjoy doing this type of research with bears
  • B. To indicate that this type of research is easier to do with birds than with bears
  • C. To encourage students to volunteer for research projects
  • D. To encourage students to express their opinions


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