ZTSet4L4-Psychology: Social Evaluation

Social Evaluation

1. What does the professor mainly discuss?

  • A. A method for teaching infants social-evaluation skills
  • B. Various ways that infants learn social-evaluation skills
  • C. Evidence that infants are able to evaluate social behavior
  • D. Evidence that infants associate certain emotions with certain geometric shapes 

2. What did researchers do in the first experiment the professor describes?

  • A. They observed infants as they play with wooden blocks.
  • B. They observed infants as they interacted with one another. 
  • C. They presented infants with a series of simple stories. 
  • D. They observed as the infant chose between two objects. 

3. What does the professor imply was the purpose of the second experiment that the researchers conducted?

  • A. To determine whether the findings about younger infants also apply to older infants
  • B. To find out whether infants’ social-evaluation skills improve with experience 
  • C. To correct a procedural error in the first experiment
  • D. To rule out possible alternative explanations for the results of the first experiment 

4. Why did the researchers change the appearance and movement of the climber block in the second experiment?

  • A. To make the climber block more visible
  • B. To convey that the climber block was not alive 
  • C. To make the climber block more attractive to the infants 
  • D. To make the climber block appear more independent 

5. According to the professor, what is considered the most significant finding of the experiments described in the lecture?

  • A. That infants are able to evaluate social interactions in which they are not involved 
  • B. That young infants learn social skills by interacting with other infants
  • C. That infants are able to evaluate their own social behavior
  • D. That infants cannot distinguish between helping interactions and hindering interactions 

6. What does the student mean when he says this: 🎧

  • A. He doubts that people are born with the ability to make social evaluations 
  • B. He wonders how researchers came to conclusions about infants’ abilities 
  • C. He doubts that all infants have the exact some social-evaluation skills 
  • D. He does not understand why infants need social-evaluation skills


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