ZTSet5L2-History – Foraging and farming

Foraging and farming

1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A. The relative advantages of foraging and farming
  • B. The discovery of evidence that dates the origin of agriculture
  • C. The differences between early farmers and modern farmers
  • D. The reasons foraging is no longer practiced today

2. In what ways was the forager’s diet preferable to that of the early farmer?

  • A. It had greater variety
  • B. It contained more protein
  • C. The foods were easier to digest
  • D. The foods were easier to cook

3. Why does the professor mention skeletons found in Greece and Turkey?

  • A. To support the theory that many early farmers died of starvation
  • B. To demonstrate that height is dependent on geographical location
  • C. To contrast the difference in height between early farmers and foragers
  • D. To point out the similarities to remains found in China and in other parts of Europe

4. According to the professor, what was a possible result of the selective breeding of crop plants?

  • A. The plants became more resistant to heat and cold
  • B. The plants became more vulnerable to disease
  • C. Crop plants quickly became the only source of food
  • D. The plants required more water to grow

5. What is the professor’s attitude toward the classification of ancient people as either foragers or farmers?

  • A. She believes that such classifications have generally been accurate
  • B. She doubts that any new evidence could challenge the classification
  • C. She worries that present-day archaeologists are not considering key evidence
  • D. She believes the evidence now indicates that the situation was more complex

6. Why does the professor mention irrigation?

  • A. To explain why early farming often required large amounts of land
  • B. To demonstrate how farming methods have changed over time
  • C. To support her point about farming providing a great quantity of food
  • D. To explain how the Chinese were able to cultivate rice so early


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