ZTSet5C1-Campus Life – Housing for next year

1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A. Whether the student can obtain additional time for filing a housing application 
  • B. Whether the student will be able to get a refund for her housing deposit
  • C. How to arrange university housing for the next year
  • D. How to apply for the study-abroad program 

2. What concern does the student express about stage one of the housing application process?

  • A. She is concerned she will not be able to submit her application by the deadline.
  • B. She is concerned about having to pay for housing she might not use. 
  • C. She considers the amount required for the deposit excessive.
  • D. She does not want to commit to selecting a particular building yet. 

3. Why does the man mention the study-abroad notification form?

  • A. To emphasize that the deadline for the form is approaching
  • B. To explain why the student need not worry about making a housing deposit
  • C. To point out that the student completed the form incorrectly
  • D. To explain a requirement for all students applying to the study-abroad program 

4. According to the man, what can students do at the open-house session?

  • A. Find out about the campus housing process
  • B. Meet with potential roommates and housing staff
  • C. Get a discounted membership card for the local art museum 
  • D. Learn about the different housing choices 

5. According to the man, what do students who want to live with friends have to do?

  • A. Wait until stage three to request a specific roommate
  • B. Select a two-person room in Clark Hall
  • C. Include the roommate’s name on the online application form 
  • D. Fill out a roommate request form after the open-house session 


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