ZTSet4C2-校园生活-Travel expenses

1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A. A problem with the travel office Web page
  • B. A conference the student recently attended
  • C. How the student can get permission to travel to other cities 
  • D. How the student can get reimbursed for travel expenses 

2. What information can be found on the travel office Web page? 

  • A. The registration fees for various conferences
  • B. The last day pre-approval requests can be submitted
  • C. The average costs involved in traveling to various cities
  • D. Hotels and transportation that students may use when they travel 

3. What does the student imply about her recent travel to Philadelphia? [CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS]

  • A. She did not spend a lot of money on her trip.
  • B. She did not plan the trip very far in advance. 
  • C. She does not have the receipts for the purchases she made. 
  • D. She stayed in the hotel recommended by the travel office. 

4. Why is the student unable to fill out an online expense form?

  • A. She does not have a pre-approval number.
  • B. She already submitted a paper expense form.
  • C. Another student was already reimbursed for the Philadelphia conference. 
  • D. The university’s computer system is not working properly. 

5. What does the man mean when he says this: 🎧

  • A. He does not want to continue the conversation.
  • B. He is glad the student reminded him of something.
  • C. The student just gave him information that may be helpful. 
  • D. The student will need to correct a mistake she made. 


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