ZTSet4C1-论文作业-Well-made play

1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A. A nontraditional performance of The Doll’s House
  • B. How a play by Ibsen compares to the typical well-made play
  • C. A literary character in The Doll’s House that inspired a new type of play
  • D. The history of the term well-made play 

2. What point does the professor make when he mentions Eugène’s Scribe?

  • A. The student should include more background information in her paper. 
  • B. The student should avoid unnecessary details in her paper.
  • C. The student should focus on one play rather than two. 
  • D. The student should not write about all of the characters in the play. 

3. What are three characteristics of a well-made play?

  • A. There is a mystery to be solved.
  • B. The audience knows more than the characters. 
  • C. The story has a surprise ending. 
  • D. The play often takes place in a living room. 
  • E. The characters behave in unexpected ways. 

4. What does the professor suggest that the student do?

  • A. Find out what critics wrote about A Doll’s House 
  • B. Concentrate on the alternative ending to the play 
  • C. Research what Ibsen intended to say in the play 
  • D. Focus on how Nora interacts with the minor characters 

5. Listen to part of the conversation, then answer the question.

What can be inferred about the professor when he says this: 🎧

  • A. He thinks most audiences were surprised by the play’s ending.
  • B. He has never heard this interpretation before. 
  • C. He finds the behavior of the character puzzling.
  • D. He is surprised the woman remembers this point from class. 


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