ZTSet3C2-Campus Life-Lost ID

1. What is the student’s problem?

  • A. She lost her passport.
  • B. She needs to get a new ID card.
  • C. She can’t remember her ID number.
  • D. She missed the deadline for registration.

2. Why doesn’t the student go to her dorm room to get her passport?

  • A. She is not allowed to enter the building.
  • B. She is not sure if her passport is in the dorm room.
  • C. She doesn’t have an escort.
  • D. She doesn’t have a passport.

3. How will the director of security verify the student’s identity?

  • A. By looking at her driver’s license.
  • B. By finding her lost wallet
  • C. By locating her information in the computer
  • D. By asking her the ID number

4. What does the man imply about the student’s meal pass?

  • A. lt will be replaced together with the passport.
  • B. lt is required to enter the dorm building.
  • C. It is prepared in a different building.
  • D. It can be issued at the same time as the ID.

5. What does the student imply when she says this: You’re glad!

  • A. She’s the one who’s relieved.
  • B. She doesn’t think he’s truly glad.
  • C. She’s annoyed that it took so long.
  • D. She’s surprised that the man would help.


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