ZTSet3C1-论文作业-Orff method

1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

  • A. To explain why he was late for class
  • B. To get approval for a topic for a class project
  • C. To request more time to complete an assignment
  • D. To find out if his understanding of the Orff method is correct 

2. What does the student tell the professor about his mother?

  • A. She taught him to play a musical instrument using the Orff method.
  • B. She told him about the Orff method of teaching music.
  • C. She was one of the first music teachers to adopt the Orff method of teaching music. 
  • D. She uses the Orff method of teaching music only with advanced students. 

3. What feature of the Orff method makes it especially interesting to the student? 

  • A. Students are continually encouraged to create original music.
  • B. Students are taught how to play a variety of musical instruments.
  • C. Music instruction introduces both simple and complicated rhythms from an early age. 
  • D. Music instruction begins with students listening to many different styles of music. 

4. What is the student worried about as he explains his professor? 

  • A. He might not be able to finish the project by the due date. 
  • B. The professor might think his topic is boring.
  • C. The professor might think he is lazy. 
  • D. The project may interfere with his work in other classes. 

5. Why does the student mention that he wants to sell a computer program? 

  • A. To request advice from the professor on how to market the program
  • B. To point out that computers are an excellent tool for educating children 
  • C. To assure the professor that he will do a good job on the class project 
  • D. To explain why he is taking a computer programming course 


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