ZTSet2C2-论文作业-Thornton Wilder

Thornton Wilder

1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A.How Thornton Wilder’s early experiences influenced his fiction 
  • B.How literary criticism can change writer’s point of view
  • C.Why The Bridge of San Luis Rey is no longer popular now 
  • D.Why Thornton Wilder preferred to write in a particular style 

2. What does the man say about the characters in the book?

  • A.They are based on people the author met in 
  • B.They are based on the author and his family
  • C.They do not resemble real people 
  • D.They all have similar personalities 

3. What do the speakers imply about the setting of the Bridge of San Luis Rey? 

  • A.It enabled Wilder to address contemporary issues.
  • B.It gave Wilder the freedom to convey his ideas.
  • C.It limited the scope of Wilder’s imagination. 
  • D.It encouraged Wilder to rely on his memories. 

4. What does the woman suggest the man should do for his paper?

  • A.Examine the debates about Wilder’s fiction
  • B.Compare Wilder’s novels to his plays 
  • C.Read another one of Wilder’s novels
  • D.Check the accuracy of Wilder’s descriptions of Peru 

5. Why does the woman say this: 🎧

  • A.To find out whether the man remembers specific details from the novel
  • B.To point out that the setting of the novel is ignored by most critics
  • C.To encourage the man to consider the motivators behind Wilder’s approach to writing
  • D.To suggest that the philosophy expressed in The Bridge of San Luis Rey is often misinterpreted 


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