ZTSet2C1-工作兼职-Job at the library

1. What is the conversation mainly about?

  • A. Procedures the student should use to request time of her work 
  • B. An evaluation of the student’s performance at her library job 
  • C. Additional tasks the student will be expected to carry out
  • D. The student’s interest in switching jobs at the library 

2. What new job responsibilities will the student have?

  • A. Keeping track of overdue books
  • B. Checking books in and out of the library 
  • C. Helping students find books
  • D. Returning books to the shelves 

3. What does the student imply about her current work at the circulation desk? 

  • A. She already keeps track of the specific tasks she does.
  • B. She occasionally has nothing to do.
  • C. She is too busy to learn new tasks. 
  • D. She appreciates being able to study at work. 

4. Why does the man mention job descriptions?

  • A. To explain why employees will need to keep a more detailed record of her work 
  • B. To clarify why the student will be transformed another department
  • C. To ask the student what parts of her current job she likes best
  • D. To clarify why the student’s duties at the circulation desk will change 

5. What is the reason that the speakers discuss the end of the month?

  • A. The student will need more time off from work to devote to her studies. 
  • B. The tracking of specific information will be required for only a month.
  • C. The student does not plan to work at the library much longer.
  • D. The training the student needs will not take place until the next month.

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